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If you love proper home cooked fresh meat or vegetable pies, then come to The Yorkshire Pie House on Silver Street, Doncaster. We bring the tasty country pub pie to the high street for a quality yet affordable meal to eat in or take away.

About The Yorkshire Pie House

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  • about us

Proper Country Pub Pie

The choice of high street take-away and fast food is dull and uninspiring, often tasteless and unfulfilling. Imagine being able to order a serving of proper Yorkshire pie with homemade chips and traditional mushy peas....

  • History

    The Yorkshire Pie House is the brain child of pie addict Andy Milner, a Yorkshireman fond of country pub cuisine and in particular, pie. His life's mission has become to treat Yorkshire high streets with quality, traditional fayre from the Yorkshire countryside.

    The idea is startlingly simple in concept but at the same time quite daring. The Yorkshire Pie House brings the country pub pie onto the high street. There are two traditional images of pie in our opinion, the first and only option on the high street is the chip shop foil tray pie/football ground pie, a round unappealing pastry filled with little more than mince and gravy, the second and far more appetising is the country pub variety, however this product tends to be expensive and customers need to travel to access it. The Yorkshire Pie House brings the country pub pie to the town, creating a brand and an image that is wholly based on quality freshness and traditional.

  • Philosophy

    To revive and excite the high street fast food market with quality, fresh and traditional British food made from the best locally sourced ingredients. Delivering wholesome food with real flavour and value.

    To provide great food that you can eat in or take away. Bringing the country pub to your high street or your home.

  • Vision and Values

    To serve Yorkshire high streets with the best in fresh British food.

    In Pie, we trust.

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  • The Yorkshire Pie House Ltd.
  • Silver Street,
  • Doncaster DN1

Phone Number

  • 01302 364507
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British Beef

We take great pride in our Yorkshire heritage and selecting the finest cuts of British beef from local farmers.


Yorkshire Ale

The ale we use to give the pies real Yorkshire flavour has been carefully selected from hundreds of tedious taste tests.. We really go the extra mile to make our pies the best in Yorkshire!


Short Cut Pastry

All our pies are cooked with a delicious pastry recipe from a Yorkshire pastry chef.